Selecting the appropriate clothes for your body shape

Shopping for clothes can be confusing and difficult. At times you get to the clothes store thinking you got an idea of what you want, but on reaching there, you find you aren’t aware of where to begin. Typically, multiple diverse cuts, sizes, brands, colors, and styles can overwhelm you. The first step to finding the best clothes is identifying the shape of your body. Style is not always trying to quench your needs by just wearing the trendiest outfits. Instead, especially for ladies, it is about highlighting the body’s best features. By flattering their body shape, ladies can always elevate their wardrobe look. You can use online reviews such as modlily reviews to known if a fashion boutique is reputable. Below are importatant insights on how to select the right clothes for your body shape.

Pear body shape

If you have a pear body shape, tips that will help you choose the clothes that will suit your body include:

  • Go for embellished and patterned dresses and tops. Make your shoulders seem wide with puff sleeves, a cap, and a bateau neckline.
  • Balance your figure’s shape by highlighting your shoulders. To achieve this, have colorful necklaces, scarves, and pashminas.
  • For your bottom half, wear solid and dark colors. For tops, go for bright colors.
  • Avoid capri pants, tight pants, pencil skirts, and short skirts; instead, go for flared, tailored pants and A-line skirts.

Hourglass shape

For this body shape:

  • Display your curves; this is achieved by wearing clothes that draw attention to your waist.
  • Don’t go for baggy clothes. Highlight your bust and hips by drawing focus to your slim waist.
  • Choose V-neck dresses and tops, pencil shirts, and skirts that do not emphasize on your breast.
  • Wear proper fitting garments. If you have a huge bust, ensure that you go for the appropriate type of bra. Don’t go for unstructured bras or padded cups that will tend to make your cleavage seem droopy.

A rectangular body shapes

  • If your body doesn’t have natural curves, utilize accessories and clothes to generate them. Highlight your waist by wearing a belt at the pat of your belt that’s slimmest.
  •  Go for underwear that offers good support for breasts and leaves your waist more defined.
  • Select tops that end at the hips mid-section. Increase the bust line and shoulders with pleated or ruffled tops and go for accessories that add volume to your upper body.
  • Create the hourglass shape illusion by wearing peplum jackets, dresses, skirts, and tops.

An apple-shaped body

  • If you have a heavy top, avoid straight-leg pants and skinny jeans. Instead, go for bootcut or flared pants that have a back pocket.
  • Go for clothes that do not draw attention from your waist and mid-section. You can, for example, go for Wrap dresses, A-line dresses, and V-neck empire waist dresses. For tops, select those covering your whole belly extending to just below your hips.
  • Don’t wear a belt around your waist area; instead, wear it below your bus. This helps minimize your waist by creating curved
  • Do not go for double-breasted jackets; also, avoid clingy silhouettes and bulky tops. Instead, go for ruched tops, tunics, and layered tops.

Measuring your body to determine your body shape


Before measuring your bust size, stand straight to ensure

you measure your entire bust. Begin by placing the tape’s one end at the fullest part and then proceed to wrap it from beneath your shoulder, bringing it to the point you began. That is your bust size. Make sure that the tape isn’t squashing your breasts. Instead, it only should stick to your chest from one end to the other.


To measure your hip, measure the circumference of the entire area of your buttocks. Begin with a single side of the hip and move to the rear of the other hip, returning it back to the point it started. Do the measurement in front of your mirror to ensure that the tape is level all through.


Ensuring that you don’t pull your stomach in or slouch it, stand as straight as possible. Begin measuring at your natural waistline, the part of the waist that is most slim, near your belly button, under the rib cage. Proceed to wrap the tape around your stomach returning it to the point you began. If you usually wear your clothes beneath the belly button, also measure that area.


It is a bit tricky to measure your shoulders by yourself as it may not be possible to hover the tape while it’s still intact. It’s best to ask people around you to help you with this. Begin at the tip of the shoulder at any side and proceed to take it round to the other side until they meet the same shoulder’s tip.

In conclusion, with the above tips, you can choose clothes that will fit your body type.

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